⚠️⚠️ Tariffs - StockSharp's new pricing policy


The StockSharp team wishes everyone success in the financial markets in 2023!

Today we have prepared big changes that are important to read. Please take 10 minutes of your time and read the news to the end.

We have made tariffs that will be available from 02.02.2023. You can already subscribe on pre-sale with the link where licenses were previously located - https://stocksharp.ru/products/pricing/ Let's go through the most important theses:

  1. All connectors (stock, forex and crypto) are now equal to a single policy. This means that they have a single price level, and they are available in a free option (tariff for free). Speaking even easier, then crypto connectors are available in the free version !

  2. The free version and Designer Pro do not provide the use of connectors in S#.API. The API level itself is available as before as open source codes on GitHub, as well as the graphic component in Nuget packages. But connectors will only be supported in S#.Designer or S#.Terminal.

  3. In the case of S#.Designer or S#.Terminal you will not have restrictions with free connectors, as in the case of API. Moreover, licenses with a link to the computer are removed and you can use connectors on an unlimited number of your machines.

  4. Training videos are provided free of charge for Designer Pro and API Pro plans in order to provide the maximum amount of training material. By subscribing to the tariff, you get all the necessary materials for the successful development of the platform. In the future, video training will only be replenished, and you will already have access to new lessons.

  5. Tariffs are based on a subscription system, and renewal for the next year with a discount of up to 50%.

  6. Business tariff provides unlimited access to direct market access (DMA) connections, like FIX FAST Plaza, etc. It does not restrict regular connectors either. In addition to it, there is a product S#.MatLab that provides integration of our platform with the popular MatLab product.

  7. Connections to MetaTrader are available in a free version, like other similar Forex connectors.

  8. Hydra Sources in its free version only offers market-date history, without connection to real-time trading. If you need real-time history accumulation, then the minimum tariff for this is Designer Pro.

  9. Market making strategies are available as open source and on a free plan.

  10. For IT developers who make custom robots in C#, connectors is able to connect for demo trading. Currently, these are Binance, Bitmex, Deribit, FXCM, LMAX. Oanda, Kucoin, PrizmBit, Rithmic.

  11. The purchase of individual components and products is possible, the store provides, as before, the purchase of individual StockSharp products at the indicated prices. But we tried to make the tariff scale so that it would be much more profitable than a separate purchase by product.

We are well aware that a number of changes may be inconvenient for some of our users. Therefore, we ask them to download the currently latest version uploaded into Nuget (or fix the version in their code, which make limit possible updates). An update to the new version of the whole platform will be published on Nuget in a week.

For all customers who have previously purchased training, connectors or other products from us, please write to info@stocksharp.com and you will be given the option to upgrade to your chosen plan at the price of renewal. The promotion is valid until 02/28/2023.

For all those who want to subscribe initially to the tariff:

  • we offer a 30% discount if you pay before 01/02/2023 for pre-sale.
  • if paid before 02/28/2023, 10% discount

Thanks for reading. We hope you appreciate our changes, which have made our connectors and other products as affordable as possible for most customers.


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