Continuous Patterns (Wedge)

Wedge pattern (pictured above) when viewed superficially. It is similar to pennants, but not the same in that the formation of the wedge is longer than that of the pennants. Formation of a new swamp bottom during formation will be below the abyss in the previous period. For example, 3 is below 2 and 2 is below 1. The wedge formed during a downtrend is the formation of a new peak. During forming, it will be higher than the original peak, for example, peak 3 is higher than peak 2 and peak 2 is higher than peak 1.

Happy (how is it? Is it succinct? )

Let"s look at a real example of a wedge formation. From the example charts shown above, it can be seen that after the wedge is formed, the price movement of the volume follows the chart. Can still maintain the original trend Or simply say From the original trend that was uptrend after the wedge, it is still up-trending.


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