Crypto index in crypto trading!

Crypto trading is a type of trading and therefore we should admit that as well as in classic trading, crypto trading has its own index. [wink]

The index reflects the condition of market of crypto currencies, based on average market indicators. As in classic trading, the index in crypto trading formed on data from the most liquid tokens. The amount of taken tokens displayed in the title. If there’s a number 10, then it includes 10 different crypto currencies. The change of every of these tokens has a high effect on the index. [ninja]


The growth of the components of the index therefore the index will be rising. If the rate of crypto currencies is decreasing, then the index will be cheaper. [wink]
Index is kind of basket of several components. Crypto trader can choose which components he wants and monitor all of them. [happy]
You might need an index chart to analyse the market. If the index is most common, then the chart will be shown in the appropriate resource.
But what if the index of trader portfolio investment is individual? For creating such index, the Hydra program will be indispensable. Hydra can collect the volume of each assets, calculate, and build the necessary index, moreover you can use this index in other programs just by saving it in your desirable format.[love]
The gotten index can give you detailed and comprehensive data of the market condition. Furthermore, to work with index will give traders the opportunity to analyse the market perspective and any assets. The trader gets more effective system of crypto trading and therefore to get more benefits and reduce risk. [wink][love]


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