5. Visual editor and strategy designer blocks - 3

The lesson covers:
  • Considers the cube "Position protection"
  • A strategy is built using the "Position protection" cube:
    If the difference between the closing price and the opening price of the candle is greater than 1, then we buy.
    We sell position protection through the cube, provided that:
    Take Profit - the price increases by 2%
    Stop Loss - the price decreases by 3%

  • An example of constructing the conditions for triggering transactions has been analyzed, in which Buy and Sell transactions go sequentially one after the other (the simplest flag)
  • A scheme has been built for obtaining the absolute value of a position and doubling its value
  • Using the example of the scheme from lesson three and the scheme for obtaining the absolute value of the position, the following scheme is obtained:
    If the closing price of the previous candle is less than the closing price of the current one, then we buy, if, on the contrary, we sell.
    If the position is not equal to zero, then the trade is carried out with a double volume

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