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июл 1, 2018 - HI IM TRYING TO CONNECT WITH BINANCE BUT IS SAYS CONNECTOR IS STUB ONLY? https://crowd.stocksharp.com/

июн 29, 2018 - Если вам нужны были ответы от S#, то ваше сообщение не видно команде саппорта.

июн 29, 2018 - Делаю все, как описано выше. Но возникает ошибка. Hydra в логах выдает "Клиент ХХХ не авторизован." Пробовал разные режимы авторизации гидры, добавлял пользователей. Все бесполезно - нет соединения...

июн 26, 2018 - Unfortunately, right now we do not have documentation on how to build our software. csproj file out date as well (we do not use it for that case). Maybe in a near future when we have spare time we...

июн 25, 2018 - Not sure I've got the question. You can use any our app with other connectors except crypto. Crypto available for crowd campaign investors. Please see more details here https://crowd.stocksharp.com/

июн 25, 2018 - It is available for crowd members. Are you invest in the campaign?

июн 25, 2018 - We are not looking for free contributors cause we have enough C# developers in our team. But we can extend in the future. If you are looking for a job in FinTech you can send us CV.

июн 22, 2018 - Sure S# support Bid and Ask.

июн 20, 2018 - Hi https://crowd.stocksharp.com/product/cryptoconnectors-second-round/

июн 15, 2018 - Quantpedia.com - The Encyclopedia of Quantitative Trading Strategies - is quantitative trading research company and our goal is to help quants find a new trading strategy ideas. We are continually...

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